Paint Colors and Personality

Paint Colors and Personality

Paint Colors tell stories and reflect our personalities.  Picking colors when painting your house reflects your character and personality of which creates the ambience in your home.

From the clear blue morning sky, to the white fluffy clouds and the bright warm yellow glow of the sun colors are a part of our everyday.  We decide on the color we will wear on any given day, to the color of the car we want to drive and our personality is a big influence on how we choose.


The Color Purple

Charismatic, Sensitive, Gentle and Supportive

The Color Orange

Kindhearted , Playful, Energetic, Generous, Open-minded.

The Color Blue

Sincere, Kind and Sympathetic, Idealistic, Romantic, Loyal and Empathetic

The Color Green

Curious, Intellectual, Powerful and Introverted


  • Blues for Calm Individuals
  • Greens for Pleasant People
  • Yellows for Creative Souls
  • Oranges and Tangerines for Flamboyant Ones
  • Browns and Beige for Reliable Beings
  • Pinkies and Corals for Fun-lovers